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Music at the maltafestival poznań 2010


As every year, music will be a strong feature of the maltafestival  poznań. Below are some of our recommendations:

In Search of the Soul of Jacques Brel

25 June 2010, 8 p.m. Hala Arena

The songs of one of the most famous bards ever in modern and diverse arrangements performed by Marc Almond, Czesław Śpiewa, Bruno Brel, Dagmar Krause, Mouron and Arno.

A very special concert in terms of both music and interpretation, and concurrently the world première of this Malta production which is to be followed by a European tour!



Charlotte Gainsbourg

Renate Jett

29 June 2010, 9 p.m. Stara Rzeźnia (Old Slaughterhouse)

Only one show in Poland! The charismatic French actress and singer Charlotte Gainsbourg, daughter of the famous Serge Gainsbourg and the equally famous British actress Jane Birkin.
Despite her background, Charlotte does not owe her own fame to her parents, but to her outstanding talent. Both her film roles and her recently released album are enjoying great audience and critical acclaim.

Austrian actress and signer Renate Jett who, for the past decade, has been collaborating with Krzysztof Warlikowski has enchanted many theatregoers with her voice in shows like (A)polonia.
A mesmerising artist who moves audiences with her expressive presence on stage and her singing which sometimes turns into intimate whisper.



The Discreet Charm of Triangles or Tercet Egzotyczny's
Passionate Show

3 July 2010, 10 p.m., Lake Malta Meta (Finishing Line)

An exotic entourage, which is equally apparent in Tercet Egzotyczny's music and lyrics, perplexes some listeners and is considered by them as a manifestation of kitsch, whilst others take great delight in their rhythms, sensuousness and vividness. The band's impressive success comprises over thirty studio albums and over 10,000 concerts worldwide, including several dozen in the USA where they also performed in New York's Carnegie Hall. The idea behind the summer outdoor concert at Malta is to stage an encounter with the legend of Polish pop music in a completely new interpretation. The project will be set in theatre and film aesthetics and the main star of the night will reflect various types of female sensitivity. The concert will be directed by Cezary Studniak.