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Old Brewery New Dance at Malta 2010



For five seasons, Old Brewery's Studio Slodownia +3 has been the only stage in the country consequently concentrated on the presentation and production of modern and experimental dance shows. Our ambition has always been to create in Poznan a “dance house” in its own right, modeled on similar dance centers functioning in other countries in Europe. Therefore, we have put particular emphasis on establishing production facilities and a system to support the development of young Polish choreographers, a system encompassing residencies, productions, co-productions and education programs. The mission of the project was to set up a special center for choreography which would not only be a venue for regular shows, but (perhaps primarily) a 'space for creation', a safe place to experiment in and to produce unique dance shows.

In this year's edition, which as always sums up the yearly activity of Old Brewery's dance studio, we will be celebrating the 5th anniversary of our presence in Poznan and at Malta. These five seasons account for many unforgettable shows, artistic fascinations and creative friendships, which have, in fact, turned Old Brewery into a “dance house” in its own right, a regular meeting place for a considerably large “dance family”: dancers, choreographers, dance experts and, of course, the audience. Thus, we wish to invite you to a very special “family reunion”. We look  forward to celebrating it in such excellent Malta-loving and dancing company.

Old Brewery is pulsating with the energy of the artists that it gathers around itself! In the anniversary season of Old Brewery at Malta it cannot be otherwise

Accordingly, you will have the opportunity to see again some 'old faces', artists who have worked on their shows at the Studio Slodownia +3 before. Teatr Dada von Bzdülöw, led by Leszek Bzdyl, who once created and premiered here their Faktor T (2008), this time will show us their latest group show CZERWONA TRAWA, inspired by the prose of Boris Vian (29.06).

Since June 2009, bridging Poznan and Tel Aviv, Arkadi Zaides has been creating his Palestinian-Israeli project QUIET, which will have its Polish premiere right here at Malta (30.06). Being not only an artistic but also a political event, the spectacle will confront us face-to-face with the conflict, which we normally observe from a distance, but the four dancers involved in the project – experience as part of their everyday life.

After several years, Jonathan Burrows, whose words: "one needs two legs, two hands and, most of all, a head to create a dance," accompany the Solo Project from the very beginning, also returns to Poznan. After the huge success of his trilogy (presented at Malta in 2007), together with composer Matteo Fargion he will continue his tale about the relationships between dance and music in his latest show CHEAP LECTURE (02.07).

As part of the Alternative Dance Academy, Jonathan will also lead a several-day-long workshop for professional Polish artists, critics and dramaturges (29.06-01.07).

There will be also a chance to see some new faces at Malta 2010. For the first time in Poznan we will see a Berlin-based artist Antonia Baehr (28.06). Her show LACHEN, so warmly received in Europe, will force us to reconsider choreography: What is choreography? What is dance? Unavoidable questions once you have found yourself in Old Brewery...

The artistic friendships of Old Brewery do not only include artists, but also places that are similar to us. In 2008 Art Stations Foundation became one of the founding members of the European Dance Network (EDN); the partnership will soon yield choreographic projects that will be part of a European grant (MODUL DANCE). However, this year, Old Brewery will host not so much a 'dance house', but rather a 'production house': WP Zimmer from Antwerp which, similarly to Stary Browar, supports young choreographers (www.wpzimmer.be). As part of her residency at Malta, Carine Meulders, the artistic director of WP Zimmer, will present to us some shows created by artists from her 'stable'. We already saw several of them in Browar (Etienne Guilloteau, Claire Croize and Nada Gambier). This time we will see some new faces and names that have already marked their presence on various stages throughout Europe: Varinia Canto Vila (26.06), Tarek Halaby and Charlotte Vanden Eynde (1.07). WP Zimmer will also invite us to a photographic exhibition accompanying the show of Tarek Halaby and the video installation neverland by American choreographer Andros Zins-Browne.

The dream to establish a dynamic dance/choreography center expands beyond the walls of Słodownia: everyone remembers Michael Schumacher's improvised Randki w ciemno (Blind Dates) or the unforgettable encounter with the French choreographer Boris Charmatz who, during Malta 2006, constructed a tower in the Atrium for his moving show AAtt...enen...tionon? All this would not have been possible if it was not for the philosophy of the whole Old Brewery Art and Business Center which aims at bringing modern avant-garde art closer to everyday life by building a bridge between the viewer and the artist and by discovering new spaces and contexts for subsequent works of art. One of the major events in this year's Malta program will be the premiere of a show whose authors will be chosen in a special competition held to commemorate the anniversary of the dance program. Hopefully, this will lead to a great dance fiesta in all the spaces of Stary Browar!  (25, 26, 27.06)

And it will not be the first such event! For three years, the Malta audience have been eagerly attending “blind dates” - improvisational meetings of Polish and international artists (not only artists but musicians as well), inviting the audience to participate in unique dance sessions and bewildering us with their humor and improvisational skills. In the anniversary edition of the festival we will offer something special to our audience: a meeting with the unquestionable king of improvisation, David Zambrano himself, with whom on 28.06 we will step out of the four walls and dance around in front of the Old Brewery building! Finally, as a closing point of the festival, the Polish collective MELBA will invite us to participate in their improvisational show ending with a joint Jam Session.

Celebrating the anniversary we would like to infect all of you with the dance bug, because, as we believe, everybody can dance! We greatly look forward to seeing you at the anniversary edition of the Old Brewery New Dance at Malta!

program curator Joanna Leśnierowska


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