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This year New Situations are changing their formula (so far they have been a competition). I have invited a group of artists (poets, activists, happening artists, painters and musicians) to take part in five projects. The choice relates to an aspiration that is so familiar to the Malta Festival, the aspiration to go beyond the theatrical form and to find new areas for artistic activity. The installations will stretch over an artistic terrain that is beyond the mainstream.

During this edition I have also chosen the venues in which the projects will be created. These sites are special to Poznań, sites which artistic activities have usually avoided, despite their topographic location in the very centre of the city. These are abandoned, deprived and unwanted zones; degraded buildings whose former prestige passed with the transformation of the political system and the progressing advancement.

And this is where I have invited the artists to do their work. I want to create a clash between the potential concealed in real space (a skyscraper wall, a square, a private flat and an underground pedestrian passageway) with the work matter of the given artist to provide an opportunity for the work of art to exist in a new, surprising context. Therefore, New Situations 2010 will be an attempt to describe Poznań using many different forms. We will create its image with sound. We will also try to find faded traces of history on the walls of old tenement houses or we will fabricate new ones and make up some urban legends on our own. We will explore the residents' rituals using the flavours of local dishes. We will hit the buildings in the city centre with our words.

We will be operating within the Malta Festival because New Situations would not be here without it. We are interested in the city in which the Festival has been growing for twenty years. We are looking at its residents and addressing them as we search for the "incidental" viewer. We are looking forward to their involvement which will help us describe them and get to know them.

I wonder what a Poznanian does when the Malta is over? Do they wait? Do they create something? Are they bored?


Mika Grochowska, Curator