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28th June KONIN / A3 TEATR Tańcz



28th June

Venue: OSKARD, Konin


admission free

Zmysły. Wędrowny kabaret liryczny/The Senses: A Strolling Lyrical Cabaret

The artists were inspired by dell'arte comedy, the surrealist Cabaret Voltaire from Zurich and by traditional street theatres, circuses and masquerades. A colourful dancing and singing structure will traverse the city streets: a huge face which will use its organs of the senses, its nose, ear and eye, to explore the city as it encounters various sites and buildings, and interacts with the audience.

Concept, script, director, stage movement: Darek Skibiński

Stage design: Agnieszka Gierach

Music: Jacek Hałas

Cast: Justyna Jary, Kamila Puciłowska, Barbara Songin, Stanisław Dembski, Wiktor Malinowski, Łukasz Skibiński, Mirosław Szczypek

Producer: Agata Rychcik-Skibiński

Première: March 2009

A3 Teatr - the group was founded by three actors from the first line-up of Teatr Cinema. The artists relate to theatre of gesture and dance theatre as well as taking inspiration from their experience of over a decade of acting work which they continuously enhance by collaborating with the new generation. The diversity of conventions reflects the actors' daring spirit. The create performances using a minimum visual means, as well as cabaret-like spectacular outdoor shows. They say about their work: "we process everyday life to codes of rituals and independent action which arrange themselves on stage into subsequent scenes and sequences. But nothing is fully named; the last word is always the viewer's".  The group's artistic director is Dariusz Skibiński.