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Today, the street theatre is a poetic and artistic tool, huge experimental area where the conventions and the limits are covered. We want to speak to the cities and in that urban space develop the language of drama and stage design. To move the street's public, the only vision contrasted with many pictures - those are dreams and aims of Kompania Karnavires since 1985. Changed pictures, parades and plastic installations. Karnavires is a traveling spectacle and spectacular trip.

Started as a music theatre we haven't stopped - during those years - to confront our job with the urban space. This way we have worked out our own artistic language: this language has been deriving both from the convention of theatre and from the movie shuts, lyrics of opera or structures of symphony.

In the spectacle, traveling across the France and Europe, the company gives the argument of great physical engagement and to prevail of the risk. They can keep the distance to themselves and they can cross it out.

Every time, the confrontation with the creative acts is the key moment for creators. The road to that act is long, winding and full of obstacles. Following that way, it's difficult not to question our knowledge and accomplishment. That necessity needs full of engagement in opening new doors - those, that nobody can see it or that are forgotten. They can open it in the most unpredictable moments. This way we get them out of the forgiveness and we enter our world.