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Yvonne Rainer

A spectacular event on the "Stary Browar New Dance on the ‘Malta' programme! First visit to Poland by Yvonne Rainer - legend of the dance and film avant-garde, icon and ideologist of post modern dance, the dance revolution that once and for all changed the face of the contemporary dance and marked out the subsequent directions of its development. By moving dance out of theatre halls, negating any technique, glorifying (any) body in motion and considering it a sufficient reason and sense for dance, by opening to social and political problems, and, above all, to theoretical debate on the movement and the performance itself, Rainer and her contemporaries (Steve Paxton, Trisha Brown, David Gordon and others) established an infinite field for all dance experiments. The experience (or influence) of that period can be found in the work of any contemporary artist (from Pina Bausch to Xavier Le Roy), and on almost any stage in the world, starting with the staggering popularity of improvisation.
Yvonne Rainer is going to open this year's festival with a lecture on the 1960s; on successive days she will present to audiences her own recordings of choreography (incl. the famous TRIO A), and documents related to her work. It is an exceptional opportunity, as no film footage of the period survives. Yvonne is going to show us unique recordings and slides from her private collection. We are also going to see her feature-length films, which she began to make after ten years of intense choreographic work.