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Beat Hotel

Duration: 40 min


America is not just a country. It's also a myth and in principle mythology that feeds all contemporary worlds. Today, American culture is ubiquitous in our life, so in certain way, we all are American. In its latest production Harakiri Farmers draws a conclusion from that.

In "Beat Hotel" the collective body creates the world permeated from American tradition, the world for sure well known. Although the duet is inspired by the beatnik literature, especially by very personal poem "Cadis" of Allen Ginsberg treated about madness and death, in the spectacle we can see more references to the American imaginaries as gospel, westerns, war in Vietnam or rock'n'roll...

Caddish, traditional Jewish death's prayer is said at the moment of transition from one state to another, from life to death. It can be considered as a "rites de passage" creating a specific space "between", the space where everything can happen. In new production HAFA invites the viewers to enter that kind of space, the zone of mixing nostalgia, madness, ordinariness and hope for better future. Quite important for collective body is not only a rehearsal to look for death from the perspective of individual history but also to understand in what sense all civilization or cultural forms die.

Beat Generation literature can be perceived as a specific Caddish for old, good America created by suburb's utopia. In that context the Harakiri Farmers ask in their performance how today would caddish look like for old, good America. The spectacle is a rehearsal to research the moment of cultural change, the essential redefine the standards and values, it's a meditation for the crisis we are witnesses. Even if the crisis has started in America and if the crisis is much more severe for America it is our problem, our issue and it challenges everybody.

The economy slump made that Americans and everyone in the world has realized the deep necessity to reevaluate the culture. Choosing the first Afro-American president can be perceived as a first stage of this process. Thanks to that we can sing the Bob Dylan song "The times they are a-changing". At that moment, the art deep-rooted in rebellion, the art of contestation become particularly current. In the new spectacle Harakiri Farmers observes the American contre-culture's heritage which is one of the most important God-fathers for the Beat Generation authors.

The rebellion against tradition and convention embodied in American literature by Beat Generation in American dance is strong associated with postmodern dance. In this connection "Beat Hotel" is shamelessly flirting with everyday life esthetic, ordinariness and apparent nonchalance which were characteristic for choreographic experiments like Yvonne Rainer, Trishy Brown or Kenneth King.

At the same time collective refers to forgotten happening art performed by Allan Kaprow or similar in overtone of esthetic chaos performed by James Waring. In the heritage of those artists Harakiri Farmers finds the same aspiration to the boundless artistic freedom crucial to Beat Generation but also for American pop culture - from Hollywood production to Bruce Springsteen's songs. Because it also creates our dreams and aspirations, in a sense we all live in "Beat Hotel".

Everything makes that the newest performance of HAFA becomes a meditation for a moment where the old is gone and the new is born. The hope, that the new will be better, is very American, is the organic part of American dream. On the way, there will be wars and people will be dying. The craziness can lie in wait for...But America still believes that "Somewhere, over the rainbow skies are blue. And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true". We dream with America because her myth is a myth of all of us.

Data: 24,25-06-2009 Godzina: 22:00 

Miejsce: OT Maski