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Coaching project - presentation



Alternatywna Akademia Tańca: Hooman Sharifi

Who am I if the only job I do is translation? Translating from one language to another is actually practicing both of them. We improve the language for the language as well - its system and functions. But what if only in translation can we show ourselves? Let's meet in the room and keeping the balance expecting the downfall let's down close to the floor.

Let's say we have in our hands the war photos or any different pictures and we will "translate" to the motion, compositions, space, time, the concrete behaviour and actions. Not copying, not presenting but TRANSLATING.

Am I faithful to my original one? Aren't I faithful to it? If I am not sure if I am faithful or not will it be seen? What to do if the language is not defined? There are no dots only commas.


Alternatywna Akademia Tańca (Alternative Dance Academy) organized by the support of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage is a multifarious educational-artistic project directed to young, professional artists of modern dance.

The priory of the project is to enable young artists to learn dancing by the outstanding choreographers and teachers and to create the forms of regular, constant teaching on different levels of advance and to create such model of education which will clearly reflect the issue (and also needs) of modern dance - one of the most democratic and egalitarian among the modern stage art promoting not only the technical skills but also the personality and creativity of the students. Those skills have to be stimulated and cared for since the first day of the studying parallel to exercise the body.

Alternative Dance Academy is 6 meetings organized since April 2009 till March 2010. The meetings will take place during the weekends (master class) for audience (non-professional dancers of different skills' level / intensive 5days coaching project for professional dancers/ open shows at the end of every coaching project and meetings with artists.

Detailed programme 2009/2010 on www.starybrowarnowytaniec.pl.


Data: 27-06-2009 Godzina: 12:00
Miejsce: Studio Polskiego Teatru Tańca