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Trylogia Qatsi

Godfrey Reggio, Philip Glass
Duration: 1h 30


"Koyaanisqatsi" [1983]
duration | 1h27'

This monumental film collage was created by contrasting visions of Nature and of Civilisation. Its title, taken from the Hopi language, stands for "life in chaos, devoid of balance", which points to an unstable balance of power between the elements of nature and culture. The first part of the film presents stunningly beautiful pictures of our planet, untouched by human hand, often taken in an unreal way. Part two is a dynamic and terrifying vision of human handiwork - cities, metropolises, industrial areas. It is an expression of "mechanisation" of life which leaves no place to stop and ponder.  The use of the extreme long shot and the application of a great scale [whole city districts, mountain ranges or vast ocean expanses shown in one shot] allowed the director to create a peculiar distance in the vision of our planet, as if we were looking at it from the outside, from a long way off, taking a birds eye view. .

"Powaqqatsi" [1988]
duration | 1h37'

"Powaqqatsi", its title, traditionally borrowed from the Hopi language, stands for "life in the state of flux". It is a visual poem which shows human cultures, from primitive communities to technologically advanced Western societies. It is a sequence of shots taken in Asia, Africa and South America. Pristine areas and traditional morality confronted with slums - dirty, contaminated city space. "Powaqqatsi" is more intimate and contemplative than the first part of the Trilogy. The human being is given a more particular treatment. The camera often focuses on the faces of people being filmed, the slow pace allows to take a look at what they are really doing.

"Naqoyqatsi" [2002]
duration | 1h29'

The picture can be divided into three parts. The first one shows a reality entangled by a network of electronic links, where direct contact with another person is replaced by contact with the computer screen. In the second part, we observe the world of rivalry, the mechanism of sporting games, all the thrilling spectacles which incorporate the idea of never-ending competition. In the finale, the pace quickens, the picture and sound greatly accelerate, gaining dangerous speed.  The pace becomes a metaphor of the rhythm of our lives, the rush of 21st century people, who do not know where they are going but feel the urge to hurry. The fight, the race - this is out lifestyle. In the Hopi language "Naqoyqatsi" means "war as a way of living".

Data: 26,27,28-06-2008 Godzina: 18:00 

Miejsce: Kino Muz