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Raging breakers on the sea of Polish music! Tumultuous career at home and abroad. Considered great, world-calibre band by the influential musician-critic Zbigniew Hołdys, Snowman were formed in 2002, and have since given over one hundred concerts in Poland and Germany (Berlin), as well as made a successful tour of Paris venues.
They attract their listeners with image (their performances are accompanied by visualisations) and arrest them with the sound. Attempts to pigeonhole the group’s work prove very difficult. Countless labels have been used to describe their music: post rock, jazz, electronic, trans jazz, progressive rock, psychedelic music, guitar alternative; sometimes attempts to classify them are simply confined to the drawer marked “experiment”. They have been associated with and compared to Pink Floyd, Mogwai, Coldplay, Legendary Pink Dots, Dave Matthews Band or even Janis Joplin and Norah Jones. Would this mean that like any intriguing art, the music and images created by the Poznań-based band elude any categorisation?
For a number of years, Snowman have been associated with ITF ‘Malta’: in 2004 they performed in the ”Nowe Nurty” section; in 2005, they played a concert in Jarocin as part of the “Malta na Bis”; last year they appeared in the “Maltańska Scena Muzyczna” programme. They have also musically accompanied a number of ‘Maltese’ performances by Teatr Usta Usta: Driver, Cadillac, Alicja 0-700..., Ambasada. In their work, theatre and theatralisation alternate with film: they have scored Nosferatu: symfonia grozy and contributed to the film etude Prześwit. Although impossible to class, they are definitely worth seeing and listening to.


the band: Michał Kowalonek – vocals, electric guitar, blanc noise; Adam Brzozowski – piano, noir noise; Paweł Postaremczak – tenor saxophone; Grzegorz Ksiażkiewicz – bass; Daniel Karpiński – drums; Julia Szubert – visualisations; ciej Frycz – sound technician


Data: 2007-06-28 Hour: 24:00
Place: Jezioro MALTA (Klub Festiwalowy, namiot za tablicą wyników)