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Catastrophe Communication Combinatoria

Duration: 30 min


Part of "OLD BREWERY NEW DANCE ON THE 'MALTA' - 2007" project

Aren't our lives governed by smaller or bigger chances? This, at least, is the message the young man in a suit standing on the stage wants to convey to us. When he tells us his stories, he projects a logical sequence of unavoidable coincidences, possible occurrences and germs of catastrophes. And all this is delivered in such a charming and eloquent manner that the spectators themselves begin to believe in the power of coincidence and wonder where, if not for him, they would be now.

The starting point for our work was "chance" (also in the sense of "incident, occurrence") declined in every possible way: from the most trivial, to the most tragic, particularly "chance" in the form of catastrophe. An individual pondering over the meaning of incidents in his life, in the surrounding world, and in particular over what it feels like to be on the peripheries of social life as opposed to being in its centre.

In discussions held during our work we would often refer to the notion of "catastrophe", whose etymology derives from the Greek word katastrophē, which means "a sudden change", and which often appeared in the ancient tragedy a propos the category of katharsis. We tried all the time to keep it in mind: to create a conference-spectacle with the main hero placed in a kind of arena, and examining his downfall, his personal catastrophe. (Palle Dyrvall & Caroline Hainaut)

performed by: Palle Dyrvall; choreography: Palle Dyrvall and Caroline Hainaut

Data: 2007-06-30 Hour: 21:00
Place: Stary Browar (Studio)