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Randka w ciemno - Unknown

Duration: 1 h



For the third time we invite the Malta's audience to the improvisations evenings - Randki w ciemno (Blind date). Two years ago improvisations of Michael Schumacher with Polish musicians were called one of the most important MALTA dance events. Year ago we invited the artists from Poland and Israeli for unique dance and sounds "duel". We could spy on musicians and dancers intimate meetings where they met there for the first time and till the end nobody knew what could have happened. Would they fit to one another? Would they like one another? What if there hadn't been any dialog? This year, for the first time, we invite for the confrontation on the real blind date... audience!!! During three (different!) evenings artists from Warsaw within the project UNKNOWN let the audience experience unique dance adventure! We invite everybody who is not afraid to take the risk and to go on blind date with the artists!

UNKNOWN is series of improvise dance spectacles/events with elements of interaction with the viewer - through closing eyes and inviting to the journey to his/her inner sensitivity - the artists let the audience having an unusual experience by being in the middle of the action and discovering new sorts of spectacle reception.

Generally we are interesting in interaction. Nowadays, where TV and films are more popular than theatre, theatre has something special what is worth to notice - possibilities to have direct contact with the spectator, to invite him/her to have an active reception performance. Additional aspect of the interactive is an invitation to the individual, private journey. Closing eyes by every spectator force them to be more focused on other senses - hearing, smell, taste, touch. Focusing on themselves and on strongest feelings of available senses let the spectator be "here and now" in improvisation. The artists, who take part in the project UNKNOWN: dancers, musicians, visualization creators, are at the same point. They improvise during the event. Being "Here and now" encourage us to accept everything what just is - what we take with us to the theatre and what we find in the theatre. Is it possible? It's a never ending dialog which forces both sides - artists and spectators - to be engaged. Do the needs of both sides can meet each other?

Renata Piotrowska

Data: 22,25,27-06-2009 Godzina: 19:00 
Miejsce: Stary Browar (Słodownia +1)