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For the third time MALTA ARCHIPELAGO will function as the festival university. Following the thematically diversifi ed 2007 edition and the 2008 edition that was centred around a multidisciplinaryapproach towards theatricality of ecology, this year we propose a comprehensive examination of music composed for the theatre. The project will be carried out through complementary cycles of lectures, discussions and specially prepared concerts of artists who compose theatre music. The cycles of lectures and discussions, which put the shows performed on Malta into a living, subject-matter-related context, have already become a fi xed element of festival tradition. In an attempt to meet the needs of the audience and face the relentless changes occurring in performance arts, we try to hold a forum for the exchange of views on events and shows presented at the festival. During this edition of Malta various musical spectacles will surely be its distinctive feature - ranging from minimalist installations and spectacles to largescale open air concerts. This is why we have invited theoreticians and artists who compose theatre music. We would like to talk together about history, theory and practice of this still underestimated and poorly investigated field.

Lectures and Panel discussions



A cycle of concerts of numerous artists who compose theatre music will complement the project and off er an opportunity to confront theory with practice. Several ensembles will perform on a specially set-up stage in Galeria Arsenał (Festival Centre): neTTheatre directed by Paweł Passini, a Wroclaw band Kormorany (Cormorants) which has recently harvested the eff ects of its years long adventure with theatre in a fi ve-CD compilation "La Musica Teatrale", Mass Kotki - which play live music during Księga Rodzaju 2" ("Genesis 2") spectacle directed by Michał Zadara). Pustki, a band that has a track record of acclaimed studio albums and notable achievements in the field of theatre music, will show their less known face, which may come as a surprise to many of the viewers. At the end of the project, Dominik  Strycharski with Pulsarus ensemble will play his theatre compositions. The viewers will therefore have an opportunity to listen to music accompanying outstanding achievements of the contemporary Polish theatre - spectacles of Piotr Cieplak, Paweł Passini, Przemysław Wojcieszek, Wojtek Klemm, Łukasz Kos or Michał Zadara, among many others.

MALTA ARCHIPELAGO Project is carried out in cooperation with Poznańskie Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Teatralnych (Poznan Association of Theatre Initiatives) and Fundacja Międzynarodowego Festiwalu Teatralnego Malta (MALTA International Theatre Festival Foundation).

production concept and coordination: Marcin Maćkiewicz

co-realisation: Małgorzata Mikołajczak


Lecture - Brecht's Lehrstucke as a performance
Data: 24-06-2009 Hour: 15:00 Duration: 1h
Place: Galeria Miejska Arsenał (I piętro, sala B)
Discussion - Theatre Music or Music for the Theatre?
Data: 25-06-2009 Hour: 15:00 Duration: 1h 30min
Place: Galeria Miejska Arsenał (I piętro, sala B)
Lecture - Theatre from the Spirit of Music
Data: 26-06-2009  Hour: 15:00 Duration: 1h 30min
Place: Galeria Miejska Arsenał (I piętro, sala B)
Film show and lecture - "Radio Stadion nadaje"
Data: 27-06-2009 Hour: 15:00 Duration: 1h 30 min
Place: Galeria Miejska Arsenał (I piętro, sala B)