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Privacy Policy

Policy of work of recreational bicycles rental company. 


The owner of the hired  bicycles is MaltaBike Sp zo.o. seated in Poznań, 60- 774 on Śniadeckich  street 18/7, later on caller The Company.

  1. A client is ought to use equipment accordingly to its destiny and rules of act of the Traffic Law (Dz. U. z 1997 r. nr 98 poz.602) with its further changes.
  2. A client should meet following conditions:

-        show a document with a photography ( an ID, a passport or a driver's licence) from which a member of staff will rewrite personal data

-        pay 10 euro returnable deposit

-        get to know this policy

  1. In case when the company will recognise a client as not trustworthy it may deny to rent a bicycle without explaining its reasons.
  2. The company provides a client with fully operational equipment which should be returned in the exactly same state.
  3. A client is responsible for any injuries caused to themselves or any by-standers if they are an effect client's improper use of the bicycle or his disregard of the traffic laws.
  4. Opening hours of the company points for MaltaFestival at the Old City Market and Fair Ground:

            - Monday – Friday – 12.00 – 21.00

            - Saturday – Sunday – 10.00 – 21.00

  1. In the last hour opening hours on a specific day there is no possibility of hiring a bicycle, only returns of equipment.
  2. The equipment must be returned to the company on the same day it was hired during the opening hours. In case of delay a client will lose deposit.
  3. Recreational bicycle can be used only on bicycle trials and public roads.

10.  In case when a client leaves a bicycle in a place other than the company's station the bicycle should be secured with anti- theft lock attached to the bicycle's frame and something static.

11.  If a client did not apply to the policy, Maltabike has a right to demand a repayment for any damages or lending the bicycle to the third party.

12.  The company leaves to itself a possibility of denying a return of a bicycle when the damages make its repair unprofitable. In such case a client is bound to pay a penalty fine of 900 PLN. In case of minor damages the company has a right to demand from a client to repair the damaged equipment on the client's cost.

13.  In case when a bicycle is stolen from a client, the client must immediately inform the police and present the police certification of the event to the company. In case of loosing the bicycle because of the client's fault MaltaBike puts a penalty fine of 900 PLN on the client.

14.  The client must not leave the bicycle unattendant as it would be the client's fault if the bicycle would have been stolen and MaltaBike will charge the client a penalty fine of 900 PLN

15.  Hiring a bicycle by a client is treated as an acceptance of the policy.  

Price List:

For the festival oficials and guests with tickets for the performances the 2 first hours of renting is free of costs, every next hour is paid 5zl for an hour (to take part in this offer you need to have a valid ticket for the MaltaFestival shows at the day you want to use our rental services). The prices for other clients  are mentioned below:


2h – 7z

3h – 5zł and every next hour..


Personal information protection

1. The email addresses provided to us by the website users are processed by the Malta Foundation of Poznań, ul. św. Marcin 80/82.
To receive a Newsletter it is necessary to provide an email address.

The address will be verified and automatically added to our subscribers database.

Your subscription for the Newsletter is considered your consent to receiving it. Your information will be used to send the Newsletter to you.

The Newsletter informs about the Festival and the events within it.

2. Email addresses are not made available to other entities for marketing purposes.

3. Anyone can unsubscribe from the Newsletter

We reserve the right to change the privacy policy above by publishing a new privacy policy on this website. 
Should you have any questions, please contact us.