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The Truth About the Kennedy's

Date: 2010-07-02
Hour: 19:30
Normal price: 35 PLN
Reduced price: 25 PLN
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Duration: 3 h 30 min
Venue: Wielki Theatre - Poznań Opera House


The Truth About The Kennedys is a tale about a family which became a legend. The stages of the tale are revealed through the subsequent instalments of the family's story: the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Dallas, the tragic deaths of his brothers, births, relationships, JFK's marriage to Jackie, divorces and deaths. However, the director is not interested in the facts, but in the phenomenon which everybody wants to believe is real. What is true and what is fabrication? Who is who and what role do they play? Who holds the power? As he builds a show based on documentary data, on biographies, press releases and witness testimonies, he tries to find the truth about a group of people whose lives were entangled by some dire twists of fate. The thing is "not to become possessed by the story of the Kennedy family, but to discover the thing which, through the clues, leads to the mystery of life." As in his other shows, the director focuses on the individual and their existence. Hence Perceval's shows usually avail of large spaces and do not feature impressive visual tricks or superficial modernisation.

stage management: Luk Perceval
script: Marion Tiedtke, Malte Ubenauf, Luk Perceval
dramaturgy: Marion Tiedtke, Malte Ubenauf
music: Lothar Müller
stage design: Ilse Vandenbussche
lighting design: Mark Vandenesse
video: Philip Baumann
performers: Hans kremer, Bibiana Beglau, Bernd Grawert, Christina Geiße, Sandra Flubacher, Oda Thormeyer, André Szymanski, Rafael Stachowiak, Nadia Schönfeldt

production: Thalia Theater
co-production: Hochschule für Musik, darstellende Kunst Frankfurt/Main, der Goethe-Universität Frankfurt/Main.

Premiere: 4 September 2009, Thalia Theater, Hamburg