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Trajets De Ville

Group: Compagnie Ex Nihilo
Date: 2010-06-27
Hour: 18:30
Normal price: admission free
Duration: 2 h
Venue: Ratajczaka Street


Trajets De Vie, Trajets De Ville is one project with two faces or two projects connected by a common plane. In Trajets De Vie this is provided by benches situated in the urban space. They are not just functional objects, but they also become the symbolic sites of waiting, stopping, staying –for reasons often unknown. The viewers are invited to observe the people who occupy these places and watch the passing crowd and the intersecting human routes. Their dance is a way to tell their story, the moments of suspension and the freezing of the city noise and chaos.

The goal, the culmination is reached in Trajets De Ville. The dancers take over a city quarter in their quest for any intense interaction. They are entangled in reciprocally complicated relationships and they are in a state of emergency that reflects the urban noise, the excess of stimuli and the accompanying inattentiveness – the lack of contact with others: their selves and their bodies. A trance is, thus, the basic lifestyle of a modern city resident who hurries along in an undetermined direction together with other individuals who are more like nomads than a community.

Trajets de Ville

Artistic Director: Anne Le Batard, Jean-Antoine Bigot

Cast: Jean-Antoine Bigot, Lisa Da Boit, Lies Cuyvers, Jean-Marc Fillet, Anne-Claude Goustiaux, Anne Le Batard, Sasker Polman, Hugues Pomiès, Corinne Pontana, Satya Roosens, Adolfo


Music: Pascal Ferrari

Costume Designer: Julia Didier

Production: Utrecht Festival a/d Werf (Netherlands), In Situ/European network for artistic creation in public areas, financed with the help of the European Commission; 3 Centres nationaux des Arts de la rue: L’Atelier 231/Sotteville-lès-Roue, L’Abattoir/Chalon-sur-Saône et Pronomade(s)/Encausse-les-Thermes; Théâtre Huis a/d Werf CCN de Rillieux-la-Pape, CCN de Caen; Association la Fonderie/Blangy-sur-Bresle