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Date: 2010-06-29
Hour: 19:00
Normal price: 10 PLN
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Duration: 2 h
Venue: The Polish Theatre Main Stage


Trup (The Dead Guy) is a bizarre tale about the modern world and our perception of it subjected to the need of entertainment and of watching celebrities who endlessly strive for media and mass attention. The dramaturgy is based on the structure of a reality show. The main character has a week to spend a large sum of money only to be killed in the finale in a way chosen by the viewers. This trivial story, exploited to the maximum by television programme schedulers, does, in fact, conceal a fair amount of irony which provides some distance and exposes the clichés that guide mass imagination.

Author: Eric Coble
Translation: Jacek Kaduczak

Director: Paweł Szkotak
Stage Designer: Agnieszka Zawadowska
Costume Designer: Agnieszka Zawadowska
Lighting Designer: Magdalena Górfińska
Music arrangements: Krzysztof Nowikow
Music adaptation: Bartosz Borowski

Cast: Ewa Szumska, Łukasz Chrzuszcz, Piotr B. Dąbrowski, Barbara Krasińska, Paweł Siwiak
Anna Sandowicz, Magdalena Płaneta, Oriana Soika, Wojciech Kalwat, Jakub Papuga, Teresa Kwiatkowska, Michał Kaleta

Grand première: 6 March 2010

Paweł Szkotak (born 1965) majored in psychology at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. In 1988, he founded Teatr Biuro Podróży, one of the most significant Polish alternative theatres which enjoy international acclaim. In their shows the group avails of street theatre language combining it with advanced physical workout, words and improvisation. Teatr Biuro Podróży's major projects include Giordano, Carmen Funebre and Kim jest ten człowiek we krwi? Paweł Szkotak has created many productions for institutional theatre and, since 2003, has been the Director of Teatr Polski w Poznaniu. He is also the head of the Bliscy Nieznajomi Theatre Festival organised by Teatr Polski w Poznaniu.