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Short film show

Date: 2010-07-02
Hour: 17:00
Normal price: admission free
Duration: 35 min
Venue: Poznań Archaeological Museum , audiovisual room


DichtVorm is a collection of fifteen short animated films directed by young artists. Their scripts are based on Flemish poetry. This eclectic compilation of short films shows a wide range of animation techniques and the individual visual languages of each of the directors.

With my quantum stroke

A human body attempts to release itself from a jumble of scrawls and streaks.

Director: Pieter Vanluffelen
Poet: Jo Govaerts
Poem: Met mijn kwantorslag
Drawing on paper, digital colouring



In an autumnal landscape human-trees powerlessly undergo their gruesome fate.

Director: Pieter Coudyzer
Poet: Frederik Lucien De Laere
Poem: Getekend
Digital cut out animation



A naked woman in an empty room finds a blue spot on her shoulder.

Director: Sandy Claes & Daan Wampers
Poet: Miguel Declercq
Poem: Blauwblauw
Pixilation/digital capturing combined with 3d computer animation

A Hand

The futile approaches of a man in a café.

Director: Kris Genijn
Poet: Bart Moeyaert
Poem: Een hand
Clay animation (in bas-relief)


A long movement of the camera shows a kaleidoscope of beautiful and less beautiful images of the world nowadays.

Director: Kristof Luyckx
Poet: Mark Van Tongele
Poem: Adembeneming
2D digital cutout

Squirt on the centrepiece

An abstract game of pictures of skin and textlines about competitive spirit and sexuality.

Director: Joris Cool
Poet: Bart Meuleman
Poem: Klachten bereiken mij niet
Pixilation on super 8, blown up to 35mm

On untimely wisdom

A sketched tribute to Baudelaire, to the flush of wine and women, to poetry.

Director: Pieter André Samyn
Poet: Erik Metsue
Poem: Over de ontijdige wijsheid
Drawing on paper, digital colouring

A barely audible message

In a circus caravan a strange meeting between a man and a reptile occurs.

Director: Bram Van Rompaey
Poet: Jan Lauwereyns
Poem: Een moeilijk verstaanbaar bericht
3D computer animation

By a badgered tie

A woman and a man are in bed. A fox chases a badger in a weird universe of floating faces: a painted metaphor of lovemaking.

Director: Katelijn Smissaert & Minske Van Wijk
Poet: Peter Holvoet-Hanssen
Poem: Bij een gekreukte das
Oil painting on glass, drawing on paper, 2D computer

Urban 2002

In a city plaza some trees are playing a destructive game of football.

Director: Lars Lambrecht
Poet: Geert Buelens
Poem: Urbaan 2002
2D on computer

A penguin wants to fly, no matter what.

Director: Reinout Swinnen
Poet: Jan Lauwereyns
Poem: Onderwater
2D and 3D on computer

Ash Is Stone

An abstract story about power, perishableness and sacrifice in a continuously mutating loop.

Director: Walter Van Cleynenbreugel
Poet: Bart Moeyaert
Poem: As is steen
Animated stencil art graffiti, digitally captured

What is started with the heart is easily released

A man wanders through the desert. A dream about love that is gone and time that elapses.

Director: Bert Blondeel
Poet: Bart Meuleman
Poem: Wat met het hart wordt aangegaan
Integration of stop motion/puppet and 3d computer animation

Candy colours

Two men are sleeping, hand in hand. What’s their story?

Director: Wouter Sel
Poet: Miguel Declercq
Poem: Kom leg uw hoofd neer
Drawings on paper, digital colouring

As haughty as a swan

A scene at a fair. A man floats through the sky on a balloon, but nothing is what it seems.

Director: Niek Castricum & Maarten De With
Poet: Erik Spinoy
Poem: Hooghartig als een zwaan
Stop motion/puppet animation