Gob Squad

The company was founded in 1994 by graduates of Nottingham Trent University (as a matter of fact, they made their first performance two years earlier, when they were still long-haired students of Creative Arts Dept. At the time, however, it was more an escapade intended to get them free tickets to Glastonbury Festival, than a performance by a professional company, which they were to become only later). From the very beginning, the ensemble have been interested not so much in the theatre itself, but in a collage of the performance, happening, installation and film juxtaposed with real-life situations. This is why the Gob Squad are far from carrying out their crazy projects in artistic institutions (although they also have such undertakings under their belt, e.g. the staging of René Pollesch’s Prater Saga at the Prater Theatre in Berlin in 2004). In most cases, the artists choose rather unconventional venues, like an office at a popular work centre (Work, 1995), a furniture shop (An Effortless Transaction, 1996), an underground station (15 Minutes To Comply, 1997), a mini-bus (Where Do You Want To Go To Die, 2000), or a hotel room (Room Service, 2003). They look for situations true to genuine urban life: where the private collides with the public, where fiction confronts the reality; they look for events, which – using their consummate improvisational skills and new multimedia techniques – show the absurdity of the modern society, our ridiculous and pathetic nature, our beauty and weirdness.