Good Girl Killer

Movement, sound, dance, video, theatre, performance – combined, all these artistic elements are to be found in Good Girl Killer’s work. Formal and ideological blurring of the division lines between different kinds of art, abandonment of the distinction between “high “ and “popular” culture, as well as intentional use of contemporary technology with simultaneous references to the past, are the foundations, on which artistic activity of the Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot team is based.

In existence since 2005, the spectacle/performance of Good Girl Killer is their debut, although individually (as well as having previously met in different configurations) they are well-known and well-established artists. Dancer, choreographer, and actress, Magda Jędra, as well as musician and performer Zbigniew Bieńkowski are founders of the artistic formation PLASTIYQUE dod.; Anna Steller is an independent dancer, choreographer and actress, while Grzegorz Welizarowicz, a musician and expert on the Chicano theatre. Jarosław [Max] Szwoch, who was invited to collaborate on Good Girl Killer, is a graphic and video artist, as well as video clip maker.

Good Girl Killer is a reflection of the visions shared by the disparate artists, of their fascinations, as well as a kind of artistic experiment. An attempt to “square the accounts” with the ”pop-culture garbage dump” and to point to the inability to unequivocally define the surrounding reality, it also questions the conviction of stability, seriousness and cleanness of culture. The collective hero of the spectacle/performance is the inhabitant of the town. In the borderless world, entangled in the global information net, he keeps searching for his identity only to simultaneously lose it.