Grupa Laokoona

They have an account on MySpace, run a blog. ”Like most of us!”, a young viewer might like to reply. However, as these forms of expression / self-presentation / promotion / creation are not very frequent in the theatrical ”milieu”, Grupa Laokoona do not use the solemn, or perhaps, a little dated appellation of ”theatre” to refer to their work. They are an independent artistic-critical group, who do not want to impose any formal restrictions upon their activity. They express themselves through words, sound, movement and all other visual means, incl. those audiovisual.

The area of their artistic exploration is the contemporary popular culture. It is also through this angle that they view its high variety, being nonetheless able to excellently handle the fluidity of the intuitive boundary between them. The Group’s first major undertaking was ”POParcie”, a series of exhibitions held in private apartments in Cracow, which was a form of critical dialogue with popular art. In March 2007, the Grupa debuted on stage at Teatr Wybrzeże with their performance of G®upa Laokoona – an experiment carried out on the living organism of culture, as well as a meaningful discussion about the nature of art. The performance was accompanied by a statement issued by members of the group, in which they finally renounced using their own names. They also fell silent about their newest undertaking, The second life of Hamlet Machine. The only interesting detail they do reveal is that the spectacle will be held on the net.