Alain Platel

Alain Platel (b.1956), is a world-famous choreographer and director. He studied orthopaedics and psychology. As a social worker and educator he worked with mentally disabled persons and physically disabled children. Concurrently he made his first steps as a dancer. In 1984, he founded together with some friends les ballets C de la B (Les Ballets Contemporains de la Belgique) in Ghent. Soon it became an eclectic international platform for artistic collaboration which currently works with many choreographers, for example Christine De Smedt, Koen Augustijnen and Lisi Estaras. Alain Platel is considered a socially involved artist who widely avails of moral phenomena, local contexts and subcultures in his shows. In his directing and choreography work he prefers rehearsing for months and the collective improvisation method.