Ivo Dimchev

Ivo Dimchev is a choreographer, a performer and a composer. He started his career with the creation of movement and music to the "Sleeping Dog" spectacle in 2001 [the National Theatre in Sofia]. Since then, he has created many awarded spectacles and performances for himself, as well as in collaboration with other national [amongst others: The National Theatre, Ballet Arabesque, Theatre Laboratory Alma Alter] and international companies [e.g. "La dance Co.", Budapest], this way becoming one of the most renowned Bulgarian artists. His greatest achievement is "Lili Handel" [2005], which was already staged over 100 times. In the last three years, despite the intensive presentations of this performance, Dimchev managed to create over 10 new - smaller and bigger - choreographies.

Ivo is also the founder of the HUMARTS foundation, which annually holds a national and an international choreographic contest in Sofia. Moreover, he conducts multi-disciplinary workshops based on textual, verbal and movement improvisation, aiming at achieving a high level of concentration and coordination of voices and bodies of actors and dancers.