JoJo Mayer & NERVE

The Nerve’s main idea is to present structures and rhythms of electronic music by a live band playing acoustic instruments – drums, bass guitar, keyboards, trumpet – and using interactive sound processing without loops, sequencers and pre-production. Music is created entirely in real time. In the eight years of the group’s existence, Nerve have done concert tours of Europe, South America and Asia, while their sound has expanded from conceptual drum’n’bass to music incorporating elements of the currently popular styles commonly used in the contemporary electronic music, such as dub, jazz or rock.The core of Nerve’s delivery is “dialogue” between Jojo Mayer and Roli Mosimann which consists in live application of advanced sound processing techniques so far used mainly in recording studios. Roli Mosimann’s instruments are the mixer and peripheral devices, whereas JoJo Mayer’s showpiece is the drum kit (with which he got familiar at the age of two). By combining the DJ culture with jazz interaction, Nerve’s work has become the missing link between live music and “mechanical” club-dance sounds. Recently, the band have released their first studio album, Prohibited Beatz.

The group are: JoJo Mayer (drums, electronic beatz), Roli Mosimann (real time audio deconstruction), Takuya Nakamura (keyboards, trumpet), Janek Gwizdala (bass, low end manipulation).