Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion

Jonathan Burrows (choreographer) and Matteo Fargion (composer) are among the most active and best recognisable British stage artists. They win international acclaim with intelligence, humour and high-quality musicality of their spectacles. When they began joint performances on stage, they had collaborated for several years. Their trilogy originated in both artists' interest in examining the relation between music and dance, in the need to revise (redefine?) the traditional bonds between them. Their spectacles enchanted audiences worldwide. The first part of the trilogy, Both Sitting Duet, won the prestigious "Bessie" New York Dance and Performance Award in 2004. The last and newest part of the cycle, Speaking Dance, which was prepared in the autumn of 2006, is particularly sought-after by international festivals in the current season.

Jonathan Burrows is in all probability the most intelligent and most exciting British choreographer ("The Daily Telegraph")

A surprisingly accessible conceptual comedy ("The Times") refreshing is a meeting with the contemporary dance which carries with it something more than just bodies tossing themselves about like bullets in dizzying dancing actions... ("The Guardian")

If all dancing spectacles were so amusing and intelligent! (Isabel Winklbauer)