Kompania Doomsday

Initiated by the well-known German artist Michael Vogel, Kompania Doomsday was founded in March 2004. It is made up of fi ve graduates of Puppetry Dept. in Białystok, branch of A. Zelwerowicz Theatre Academy in Warsaw: Ewa Gajewska, Dagmara Sowa, Marcin Bartnikowski, Paweł Chomczyk, Karol Smaczny, and Slovak actress Katarina Fejesova Smaczna. Considered very expressive and active, the company have already held two premieres: „Until doomsday - ballada o Latającym Holendrze" and „Salome", both directed by Vogel. The group mark their presence in the artistic domain not only with their performances; they also put a lot emphasis upon cultural development of Białystok, where for six years they have been running Białysztuk - Festiwal Inicjatyw Teatralnych. Salome is a variation based on fragments of Oscar Wilde's dramatic treatment of the biblical story. The performance is a stormy mix of emotions, moods, genres, varied myths and symbols, and, at the same time, a meticulously considered and consistent study in madness.