Korporacja Teatralna

They started in 2002, still as secondary school students. Led by Andrzej Pakuła, the group formed to defy the clichéd school theatre ensemble, which staged occasional performances to commemorate the school Patron’s Day or the spring holiday. As early as 2003, they became an autonomous company, and began to accomplish their projects fully independently. Their concept is steadfast and clear: they want to create art for and about young people, they want to get them interested in the contemporary drama and the modern-day reinterpretation of the classics; it is their ambition to become an alternative for stock companies. The company gained recognition with four performances: Dreams by Ivan Vyrypaev (presented in 2004, still under the name of Inny Teatr), Romeo (2005) based on Shakespeare and fragments of Crave by Sarah Kane, Disco Pigs (2006) by an Irish playwright, Enda Walsh, as well as the piece they are going to present at the ‘Malta’, Phaedra’s Love (2007).