Kosaara Group was founded in 2008. The core principles of the group correspond with the surrealist movement, and the scope of their interest includes sociology [especially macro- and micromechanisms that govern the way social groups function], advertising [the way it functions in city areas in particular] and relativism. The Kosaara Group is composed of: Artur Kłosiński [aka. Kosaara, Ivo Kraniec, Rrose Selavy, The Pink Rose], Artur Śledzianowski [co-founder of Centrala Rybna group; since 2000 the group has been realising numerous projects in Poland and abroad which combine the disciplines of theatre and happening], Julia Szmyt [took part in Projekt Teatralny Miasto (The City theatre project) with the Eighth Day Theatre in Poznań, from 2006 to 2007 she was an actress and director in the Prefabrykaty Theatre where she produced the performance entitled "Felicita" to her own screenplay, in 2007 received a grant of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage which helped her conduct a sociological and theatrical experiment, "Gra"].