Lăutari, the Gypsy masters of virtuosity and improvisation, famous for their ability to create repertoire and ensemble line-ups according to current needs. Very often, they are both singers and instrumentalists. Surrounded by native music from the moment they are born, they continue their indigenous tradition in a remarkable way. "Lautari", the Poznań-based neofolk band inspired by the output of the masters of the "Gypsy jazz" - as the Lăutari are often referred to - combine in their music traditional folk motifs of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe and the Caucasus with modern, bold arrangements and daring improvisations. The unusual contemporary ethno-jazz sound mixes with the rhythm of the Balkans, orientalism and Slavonic impetuousness.

The three musicians who make up the band: Maciej Filipczuk, violin player, founder of the group, Zbigniew Łowżył, pianist, and Michał Żak who plays the clarinet, flutes, the bombard and the zurna, are occasionally joined by Rober Siwak with varied percussion instruments. Creating their music in line with the Lăutaris' idea, the musicians above all count on artistic combination of collectivity, homogeneity of sound with profound emphasis on individual, improvised musical statements.