Michael Schumacher & Dominik Strychalski

See what happens when we send one of the most interesting improvising artists in the world to three blind dates with the most interesting Polish musicians. The choice of partners is promising, indeed: there will even be one triangle! But, like with any blind date, nobody knows what might really happen. Will they match? Will they get to like each other? Will they hit it off?
And what if the dialogue falters?

Despite so many question marks, the artists have taken up the challenge and agreed to being matched; as a result, we are going to see three unique spectacles-improvisations - each held in a different corner of Stary Browar - in which the energy of one of the best dance improvisators in the world will mix with the music of the most expressive Polish artists.

Stage improvisation with movement, sound, text and light is like performing everyday duties... You leave home, go up to town, meet a friend, look for something to eat, have a meal together and return home... this is how I practice creating compositions in real time.
Work with artists from other fields of art is challenging and liberating. All I know, I have acquired through exploration of areas previously unknown to me. When I am creatively engaged in any given moment, I feel as if I were floating on a wave between my experiences and aspirations. And what a wild "no-handlebar-holding" ride this is! (Michael Schumacher)