Since the beginning of their existence [2001] the band has been connected with jazz club music scene. It all began in "Wagon", one of the Wrocław clubs. Miloopa are said to have created the New music genre, the so-called drum'n' jazz which is the combination of jazz, hip-hop, electronica and drum'n'bass groove. Next to Michał Urbaniak and Urszula Dudziak, the band inaugurated the Polish Jazz Festival 2003 in Stockholm, and in September/ October 2004 they made a tour around Poland with the splendid Swiss percussionist JoJo Mayer and his New York project NERVE. Their music is made of delicate club sounds intermingled with plenty of improvisation. The group consists of: Natalia Lubrano [voice], Wojciech Orszewski [keyboards, guitar, rap], Adam Milwiw-Baron [trumpet, keyboards], Radek Bednarz [bass, low-frequency modulation], Michał Muszyński [drums], Rafał Smoleń [sound], Karol Rakowski [visualisation].