Although the band was established in 1996 in Świnoujście, its present line-up became clear only in 2004 in Poznań. The core members of the group are: Ansman [voice], Plum [bass], Charles [drums], Małe JuJu [guitar], and Piernik [voice, electronica]. In February 2007 Napszykłat released their fi rst record "Plenum" with the support of their own Dzieci Świny Records Company. Later that year, at the Rock Music Festival in Jarocin, the group won the competition held on Mała Scena (Small Stage). Their music is described as a mixture of avant-garde hip-hop, funky, jazz and heavy punk rock arrangements and synthetic sounds. Napszykłat remind us that good hip-hop is not the set of dogmatic superstitions, but the holiday of unrestricted imagination. Joyful samples and two incredible MCs prove that Poznanians are widely acquainted with the basics of hip-hop art. and can advance on them in a clever way. This is the energy of rap, pure energy, freshness and unpretentiousness.