New World Performance Laboratory

New World Performance Laboratory was established in 1989 by James Slowiak and Jairo Cuesta, cooperators and later on co-authors of a book about Jerzy Grotowski ["Jerzy Grotowski", Routledge 2007]. NWPL is an evolving community of artists under the umbrella of the Center for Applied Theatre and Active Culture. Since 1992, they have toured their performances and conducted workshops in Italy, Poland, France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Romania, Wales, Brazil and the USA. The group's mission is to create theatre events and educational programmes, to research performance techniques from around the world, and to develop a contemporary performance methodology for culturally diverse theatre artists. The results of their research are entered in cooperative works and workshops on Performance Ecology, they are further documented and published. The company's work has been featured in "The Drama Review", "Grotowski's Objective Drama Research" by Lisa Wolford [1996], and "The Grotowski Sourcebook", edited by Richard Schechner and Lisa Wolford [1997].