Oliver Hangl

Oliver Hangl originally started his artistic career as an actor and stage designer but for already many years he has been active at the larger area including both performative disciplines and fine arts. He is an artist, an actor, director, producer producing his own varied projects. Since 2008 he leads his own artistic space "k48 - offensive in favor of contemporary perception".

He is the expert of creating "immobile" spectacles played mostly at the public spaces. Lately he decided to focus on mobile solutions where the result of picture and sound's separation is interesting to him. Projects ON EAR study the medium of cordless earphones in many experimental types of scenery and artistic, theatrical and concert behind the institutional contexts. Using one or two portal in-trays (for blender and instruments), portable power supply adaptor with the accumulator and microphones and cordless earphones set, create specific for the place, well-versed in process, experimental and interactive audiovisual systems where both the actors and audience are kept in an incessant motion

Separating picture and sound - getting thanks to cordless earphones - has two sides effect: the spectators using the earphones totally isolate themselves from the crowd immersing in their own, individual perception and viewers, depriving of information available only for happening's participants they receive only silent picture of the group responding to unknown for them signals.