Tercet Egzotyczny

Tercet Egzotyczny was created in 1963, by Zbigniew Dziewiątkowski. They are considered the oldest group in Poland to perform Latin-American music. The group's phenomenon is difficult to classify since their exotic entourage, which is equally apparent in their music and lyrics, perplexes some listeners and is considered by them as a manifestation of kitsch, whilst others take great delight in their rhythms, sensuousness and vividness. It is, nevertheless, certain, that for over forty years, the musicians have remained true to their southern fascinations and have consistently been providing their fans with songs that overcome the mundane reality with fascinating tales, appealing tunes and vibrant stage sets. The real diva of Tercet Egzzotyczny is Izabella Skrybant-Dziewiątkowska who says that since her 40th birthday she does not remember her actual age. This mystery constitutes a major feature of her artistic image. The band's impressive success comprises over 24 studio albums and over 10,000 concerts worldwide, including several dozen in the USA where they also performed in New York's Carnegie Hall.