TG Stan

Tg STAN (Stop Thinking About Names) was founded in 1989 by four actors: Jolente De Keersmaeker, Damiaan De Schrijver, Waas Gramser and Frank Vercruyssen. After a few productions Waas Gramser left the group and Sara De Roo joined it. Thomas Walgrave became its regular lighting designer. The company works without a director. The actors admit to act in remembrance of Diderot’s words of The Paradox of Acting, which they staged in 2001: The actor knows well that all this is untrue. Tg STAN emphasises the actor, the pleasure of acting and satire. The rejection of dogmatism is manifested not only in the acting, but also in the repertoire which includes Chekhov and Ibsen side by side with Cocteau and Anouilh, as well as the comedies of Wilde and Shaw next to essays by Diderot. This is the company's conscious choice.