Patryk Matela

Patryk "Tik Tak" Matela became interested in the art of the human beatbox before he new what it was called and has been active in this field since 2002. He organises beatboxing workshops and has been a judge at several beatboxing competitions. He has performed as a beatboxer in several hip hop-based theatre projects: Jarosław Staniek's 12 Ławek and Morosophus in Białystok, as well as Jacek Bławut's film Jeszcze nie wieczór. He has regularly performed with the avant-garde Bauagan Mistrzów. In Spetember 2008, at the Warsaw Autumn Festival, he performed pieces by Polish and foreign composers with the quartet Kwartludium. He is currently working on a project called Zooplan with the clarinettist Michał Górczyński and is involved in recurring beatboxing workshops in Warsaw. He improvises in many musical genres, including hip-hop, drum’n’bass and reggae, as well as jazz and new music.