The Prefabrykaty Theatre Group was founded by two students of culture in Poznań, sharing the passion for creation and experiment. The scope of their interest includes new media, performance art and music. Established in 2004, the Prefabrykaty Theatre Group made their début with the happening entitled "Wchodzenie" [Joining In]. Later that year, together with students from France, Prefabrykaty created "Stereotypy" [Stereotypes] project, crowned with happenings in Arras, Lille and Paris. Moreover, the group took part in the Italian Theatre Festival in Arezzo with such performances as "Nontalkers" [2005], "Felicita" [2006] and "Ostatnia wieczerza" [The Last Supper, 2007]. During 2006 Juvenalia Student Festival in Poznań Prefabrykaty presented "Przewrót w kurniku" [The Coup in the Hen House].