Solo Projekt 2008

SOLO PROJECT is the first residency programme created in Poland [2006]. Its mission is to support Polish dance artists in their search for their individual artistic language. The programme is addressed to professional dancers and beginner choreographers, whose interests exceed the traditionally understood ''dance theatre''. The project's main stress is put on the very process of creation and the artistic experiment, with the hope that this will lead to an attempt of reflecting over the art of dance and, perhaps, to redefine the very concept of contemporary dance in the search for the means of physical expression. Therefore, the only formal requirement of the spectacles taking part in the SOLO PROJECT contest is the limitation of scenery to an empty space, which directly stems from the programme's motto, the words of an English choreographer and last year's festival's star, Jonathan Burrows: "One needs two legs, two hands and, most of all, a head to create a dance."

This year's scholarship and residency-holders in the Old Brewery are young Polish artists [Basia Bujakowska & Marcin Janus, Karol Tymiński and Tomek Bazan], who have worked on their solos since April.