Studium Teatralne. Cókierek

Studium Teatralne, which was founded in 1997 by Piotr Borowski (formerly, actor with Gardzienice, and assistant to Jerzy Grotowski in Italy, 1985-1993) is one of the most interesting exploratory theatre companies in Poland. What do they explore? The answer is always the same: themselves as artists, and us, spectators, as individuals who have to be occasionally reminded the basic existential questions, as ones whose attention has to be drawn to the alarming spiritual condition of man. Drawing on the tradition of the Polish avant-garde, the ensemble have developed their own language of communication, which is characterised by the actors' emphatic expression and the stage movement bordering on modern dance. Studium Teatralne have found recognition not only in Poland, but also elsewhere; they have performed in such countries, as Italy, Uruguay, Argentina, Romania, Moldavia, Venezuela, Switzerland, Germany, France, Russia (Moscow), or Brasil.