Teatr Krzyk

Theatre company Krzyk was founded in 2002 at the Culture Centre of the Town and Commune of Maszewo. Last year, the group appeared at the MALTA with the performance of Głosy, which left the audiences, critics and festival jury divided into two camps. Without any unnecessary discourse, the camp of enthusiasts fell in love with the collective which shouted the anger and truth about their generation; supporters even went as far as to label the company the best alternative act of 2006. The other camp, more reserved in expressing their praise, tactfully passed over technical imperfections waiting for further results of the ensemble’s “vocal” practise and exercise.

We are curious to hear the debate that is bound to flare up in the wake of the company’s newest production, a short digression, a theatrical essay entitled Szepty. Just like Głosy, the performance touches upon social, cultural, and political problems, among which young people are trying to clear away a straight path to follow in their lives. This time, however, what we are going to deal with is not shout, but whisper, since – as we read in Wiesław Myśliwski’s newest novel (and inspiration for the performance) – these are ”whispers that are the most dangerous”.