Teatr Palmera Eldritcha

Teatr Palmera Eldritcha was founded in 2007 in Poznań. The group is: Agata Elsner, Marcin Głowiński, Elżbieta Janicka, Kuba Kapral and Tomasz Michniewicz. The company name refers to the novel The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch by American science-fiction writer, the pessimist prophet Philip K. Dick. The eponymous Palmer Eldritch is the king of the illusionary nature of life and the inventor of Chew-Z, a new quality hallucinogenic drug which, according to Eldritch, is capable of ensuring eternal life to its users.

The company was established only four years ago, but its members have been working in the theatre for many years producing a wide variety of projects, happenings and performances. They have and continue to collaborate with independent theatres in Poznań, for instance Biuro Podróży, Ósmego Dnia, Usta Usta and Porywacze Ciał. In their own Teatr Palmera Eldrichta, however, they work on developing their individual and distinctive style. To date they have produced the following shows: Jarzenie (2008), Anomo triste (2010) and Alien (2011).