Teatr Porywacze Ciał

Teatr Porywacze Ciał was founded in 1992 by Katarzyna Pawłowska and Maciej Adamczyk and it's one of the most important independent theatrical groups in Poland. In their authorial spectacles the artists aim the pop culture myths, ridicule them, mock them, and at the same time they show how far they are moulded by them. They feel in home in contemporary cultural space, commentate, quote, process pictures and parts from other domain of art.

Teatr Porywacze Ciał breaks with the utopia of improving the world, with passé aesthetics, creating their own theatrical language. The artists intentionally use the strategy of parody and pastiche in their spectacles, use sighs and symbols of contemporary culture, juxtapose literary texts with vulgarity, master of art with kitsch, literary culture quotation with popular culture citation. They are contemporary mannerists who are no stranger to the ironists, provocateurs and eccentrics' attitudes. That's the reason why the Porywacze Ciał identification is a photo of the woman with monstrous huge breast, the character of "Casanova" movie by Federico Fellini. The Fellini style, the contemporary mannerist as well, is close to the Porywacze Ciał practice: breaking the taboo and esthetic habits, unrefined humor, surrealism, sexuality, the fight between the femininity and masculinity showed in the episodic scenes with the changeable mood. In the spectacles the actors test different forms and theatrical conventions, use wodevil stylistic, cabaret and performance, they balance between psychodrama straightforwardness and metaphor distance. The spectacles of Porywacze Ciał are autonomic and total utterance. The artists do not interpret the literature but they use their own texts, and also adequately blended literary, musical and film quotation into the structure. They comment "new wonderful world" ironically and with the distance. To accept and get use to new reality playing with its capability but they also see the crucial menaces. The name of the theatre comes from the movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" from 1956, where the extraterrestrials replaced people with callous human being copies.

The artists create the atmosphere of intellectual, linguistic and formal provocation in their spectacles, the trail "every day mythology" which was created and which is still creating by the contemporary consumer society. With their spectacles they give us the voice to carnival culture existence which is characteristic of pluralism of beliefs, the life style and at the same time tottering the universal values. They show a contemporary man who is created by myths and impulse, the man with the swaying identity. The Teatr Porywacze Ciał derives the invention from the ideological heritage of pop art updating the collection of symbols they use in their spectacles using the strategy their embarrassment: ironic, grotesque the world and our assessment.