Teatr Strefa Ciszy

Teatr Strefa Ciszy means urban folklore and potent theatrical metaphor, laughter and reflection, permanent interaction with spectators, and play with the conventions of the happening. Founded in 1991 by Adam Ziajski and Magda Gąsiorowska, they gained fame with “a three-and-a-half-hour street brawl” Judasze, which they organized on their own during the 1995 ITF ‘Malta’. Since then, the group have been the Festival’s inseparable companion. In 1996, their open-air show Wodewil Miejski was awarded the Offeusz Prize for the most interesting presentation in the ‘Off” section; in 1997, as part of their street action Obraz mojego miasta, they ‘seized’ Wroniecka street; in 1999, the Strefa Ciszy staged the Nicest Neighbour Competition in Garbary street (Sąsiad 2000); in 2003, they carried out their project 36,6 at the Old Slaughterhouse; 2004 is Koktajl z martwą naturą w tle presented in the courtyard of the Municipal Office, and Odsłanianie mostu Rocha with the main part played by an elephant; 2005 saw the performance of DNA staged in an old Jewish synagogue converted into a public swimming pool; 2006 and 2007 are lessons in flying.