Teatr Usta Usta Republika

The operation of Teatr Usta Usta [Mouth to Mouth Republic] in Poznań was started in 2000 by Wojciech Wiński and Marcin Liber with the performance of a symbolic title A. At present, both co-founders of the theatre act on their own. Since 2002 Teatr Usta Usta Republika has been supervised by Wojciech Wiński with the objective of searching for new spaces, ways of narration and up-to-date subjects. The company has conducted a few projects which aimed at starting up a dialogue with the broadly understood urban space and specially focused on the specifics and context of individual locations. Through its form, the open-air "Cadillac" referred to the TV quiz shows. Staged for four spectators, "Driver" was an intimate night drive around the city in an old American cruiser [the 2005 award for the best performance of Polish alternative theatre and special award for "artistic logic" in the Polish National Competition for Productions of Contemporary Polish Plays in Warsaw]. "Alicja 0-700" was the first interactive spectacle in Poland to be made in communications network. While selecting certain digits on the telephone keyboard, the spectator decided the lot of the main character. "777", in turn, was set in a mysterious casino located in the underground car park.