Teatr U Przyjaciół

Teatr U Przyjaciół was founded in 2003 in the "U Przyjaciół" literary café in Poznań. From the beginning their work has mainly been inspired by literature. Their first performance, "Wiosna Schulza" [Schultz's Spring, 2003], was an expression of the group's aspirations and artistic objectives. The artists want to create a special society submissive to passion and separated from the ready formats of everyday life. They work collectively, usually in the same make-up of group members, but they are truly open to new amateurs - as they call them - future adepts of their Theatre.

The aesthetics of the performances by Teatr U Przyjaciół often refers to past times, and the heroes often do not fit the current fashions or behaviour stereotypes. However, the founders of the Teatr U Przyjaciół wish to show the complexity of man, to observe him in different situations. Their performances perfectly match the space at ulica Mielżyńskiego. Spectators are taken for theatre journeys through the street recesses and passages, are lead to the attics or persuaded to wander into the old courtyard of the Poznań Society for the Advancement of Sciences.