Tony Gatlif

A true mix of cultures, traditions and nationalities runs through the veins of this excellent artist, descendant of Algerian Gypsies. Tony Gatlif was born in 1948 in Algeria. In the early 1960s, with a wave of immigrants, he left his native country for France, where he lived in the street, and would go to the cinema to catch some sleep and get warm. At present, he is a very well-known and recognised director, actor and composer. At the Festival, we will have an opportunity to get to know his unusual artistic faces watching film screenings and listening to a concert of Tony Gatlif’s ensemble.

Like the hero of Exils, he often says: “My religion is music”. Sound, rhythm, melody become for him an artistic form of religious faith. Music, the hallmark of man’s origin and culture, lets him find sense in life-wandering. A genuine tribute paid to Gypsy music is Latcho Drom; he shot it with a small crew, following the Gypsies’ musical trails: from Rajastan, through Andalusia, to Turkey, Romania, Egypt, Hungary and France. Vengo, which was made in 2000, is a praise of the flamenco music.

His composer output is a mix of tradition and modernity bound together with the ethno trait. One of Gatlif’s most famous scores is music composed for Exils; it combines Gypsy melodies, Arab rap, fiery flamenco, French electronic music full of Oriental elements, as well as trance Sufi music. And it is with this very fascinating variety that Tony Gatlif is going to make all music followers feel giddy at the “Vertiges” concert, which opens the 2007 edition of ITF ‘MALTA’.

Zespół Tony’ego Gatlifa/ Tony Gatlif’s band: Lucky Losada – gitara/guitar; Jose Munoz – gitara/guitar, Ivan Losada – cajon; Amador – cajon; Peluche – derbouka; Salva – śpiew/vocals; Antonio Moreno – śpiew/vocals; Maeia del Mar – śpiew/vocals; Jose Maya – taniec/dancer; Nino – taniec/dancer; Kelian – taniec/dancer; Pol – taniec/dancer; Monica – taniec/dancer; Susana – taniec/dancer; Rosana – taniec/dancer; Prado – taniec/dancer; Karine Herou – taniec/dancer; Ovidiu Bartes – skrzypce/violin; Zanc Zenu Olivier – bratch; Alexey Vladimirovich Bezlepkin; Leonsia Nikolaevna Erdenko; Andrey Nikolaevich Chistyakov; Samar Boulbolu Charifi – śpiew/vocals; Issam Charifi; Reem Charabe – taniec/dancer; Harir Shariyatzadeh; Hossein Rezaeenia; Fardin Lahourpoor