Variete band from Bydgoszcz is a laureate of numerous festivals, e.g. Rock Music Festival in Jarocin Or International Bard Festival (up to 2005 known as the Polish Review of the Author's Song). Their music is a combination of new wave elements and jazz. Their last but one album entitled "Nowy Materiał' (New Material) [2005] has been well received by critics and listeners. The last one, "Zapach wyjścia" (The Smell of Departure), Variete recorded In New York with Donald Dixon on bass and Luigi Franceschini on drums. The fi rst thousand copies were provided with a compilation of poems "Bydgoszcz - Nowy Jork" by Grzegorz Kaźmierczak, the poet and singer of the band. The group consists of: Grzegorz Kaźmierczak [vocal, electronica, samplers], Marek Maciejewski [guitars].