Marc Almond

Marc Almond (born 1957) is one of the most electrifying British pop stars; a singer, musician and songwriter. His works combine elements of pop, electro and dance. He rose to fame with the duo Soft Cell (1978-1984) with Dave Ball. Over several years, they sold more than ten million records whilst their musical explorations greatly affected the subsequent generations of artists. In 1985 he began focusing on a solo career which quickly gained momentum and intensity with his songs making it to the top of the charts. In 1989 he recorded the album Jacques featuring the songs of Jacques Brel, which had not previously been sung in the UK. Since then, experts have referred to Almond as the best living interpreter of Brel's works. Marc Almond has had some darker moments in his life: he was addicted to drugs and in 2004 he had a serious motorbike accident which left him in a coma. He began making a remarkable artistic recovery when Antony Hegarty invited him as a surprise guest to his show in London, in 2005. Today he is in better artistic condition than ever before. 2010 marks the 30th anniversary of his musical career.