Arno (real name: Arno Hintjens, born 1949) is considered one of the most important and most versatile Belgian musicians. He was born in the Belgian city of Ostend. In 1980 he founded the band TC Matic which combined rock with elements of new wave, blues and even the French chanson. This diversity of musical influences marked the whole of Arno's artistic path, including his solo career which he embarked on 1986, after the disbanding of TC Matic. He has recorded over twenty albums which have been very successful, mainly in France and in the Benelux countries. Arno has followed the lead of Jacques Brel – he writes lyrics and composes, apart from studio albums, film scores. He is also an actor. He starred in the Belgian movie Camping Cosmos. His artistic fascination with Brel became evident on his second album Charlatan which was warmly received by the audience and which defined him as a phenomenon of the musical scene. He has been called "a unique character. A blend of playboy and vagabond with a truly cosmopolitan nature and rock'n'roll soul."